Indoor Air Quality in Portland, OR

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dad and daughter watching a movie together on the sofaYour home is your safe haven, which is why indoor air quality services can be crucial. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors, so being able to breathe clean, healthy air can help you feel better and avoid health issues. From air leaks to volatile organic compounds from paint and other materials, your home has several potential factors that can decrease the air quality of your home. Your HVAC system can help improve your home’s air quality with added features like air purifiers and dehumidifiers that can remove pollutants and increase fresh air.

Exceptional Portland Air Quality Services

Is the air quality of your home leaving you feeling sick or having trouble breathing? Whether or not you notice air quality issues, there’s always room for improvement. Our air quality experts can evaluate the factors that impact your indoor air quality and create solutions to improve them. Our options offer permanent air quality improvements, so you can breathe easier. Solutions include things like sealing air leaks, controlling humidity and installing filtration and ventilation systems.

Effective Air Purifiers

Incorporating air purifiers into your home can effectively remove things like pollen, dust, mold spores and bacteria from the air. You have many options, including installing a higher-grade filtration system within your HVAC unit. We offer a variety of options, including HEPA-grade filters, charcoal filters and deep-pleated filters. This can be particularly important if anyone in your home suffers from environmental allergies or asthma. Filtration systems can remove the triggers that make those conditions worse.

Why should you consider a filtration system? Some benefits of air purifiers include:
  • Reduced dust in your home
  • Relief in allergy symptoms
  • Removal of pollutants
  • Fewer home odors
  • Reduced risk of airborne illnesses

Best Portland Home Dehumidifiers

damaged wall and flooring from humidityYou know how sticky it can feel on those humid days in the Pacific Northwest. When your indoor air is heavy with moisture, it can feel just as uncomfortable, but it can also cause health issues, affect air quality and even damage the materials inside your home. Excess humidity can make things like dust mites, fungi, bacteria and viruses thrive in your home, which can increase your risks of allergy symptoms and illnesses. Plus, mold and mildew love lots of humidity. The mold and mildew spores can cause breathing issues, irritation and other uncomfortable effects on your health.

Finding the source of the excess humidity can help correct the issue. Sometimes it’s a matter of improving ventilation or removing sources of water leaks in the home. Dehumidifiers can add another layer of protection against high humidity levels. Whole-house systems can draw the extra moisture out of the air to keep your home in the recommended humidity range of 30% to 50%. We also offer ventilating dehumidifiers, which help control humidity and bring in fresh air at the same time.

Professional IAQ Testing

Our experts can perform IAQ testing to identify the factors that make it difficult to breathe easily and stay healthy in your home. The results tell us where we should focus our indoor air quality services to give you customized solutions for your family. We also use IAQ testing technology for ongoing home air quality monitoring. Some of the systems we offer include Awair, Haven Tzoa and Airthings. These systems check different factors that impact air quality, such as VOCs and humidity, to alert you to potential risks. Our HVAC technicians can help mitigate ongoing risks, and these monitors can help you make adjustments as needed, such as opening a window to air out your home or running your dehumidifier to lower humidity levels.

Revival Heating & Cooling makes Portland air quality easy and effective. Call us today to get started on your journey to healthier, cleaner indoor air.