AC Installation in Portland, OR

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family enjoying the air conditioningThe right type of air conditioner installation can make a world of a difference. Improper installation is one of the main reasons why most AC units fail. If the AC is not properly installed, the system will be less efficient and less capable of cooling down the room or home. On top of that, you’re more likely to run into problems down the road. Re-installing the AC is practically impossible or, if possible, incredibly difficult and time-consuming, which is why it’s important to get everything done right from the beginning.

At Revival Heating & Cooling, our HVAC technicians are confident in their workmanship. Not only do we have a lot of experience in installing all major AC brands and models, but we can also help you find the perfect AC replacement for your home. Our team can walk you through the different types that are around, like central AC and mini-split ductless systems. We can also explore the various features that are available. Popular options include noise reduction technology, smart technology compatibility and built-in diagnostic tools. Our cooling installation services are the more reliable, call today!

When to Get an AC Replacement in Portland OR

In general, most AC units will last about 15 years. It might last even less years if you fail to service the unit at least once a year. Systems that see more use also tend to break down more quickly. At some point in time, all of the components and parts inside will start to break down. It won’t be worth it to repair the unit anymore because something else is going to stop working in the near future.

The best option is to get an air conditioner replacement in Portland. Some signs that your home is ready for an upgrade include:
  • A consistent need for AC repairs
  • Rising cost of AC repairs
  • Uneven cooling throughout home
  • Low efficiency due to age of the model

Affordable Air Conditioner Installation in Portland OR

AC installation can quickly change a bad summer into a good one. There’s no reason why you should be sweating buckets at home when you can simply give Revival Heating & Cooling a call. Not only are we experienced and highly-qualified, but our team will always make an effort to walk you through the basics. Our mission and goal is to help you create a comfortable environment that you’re happy to stay in and proud to call home. We offer competitive prices, hassle-free scheduling and even flexible financing options with approved credit. You can get what you need even if if you’re on a budget, and our team will work hard to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. You can trust that you’ll always be our top priority!

If you need help with air conditioning installation in Portland, give Revival Heating & Cooling a call today! Our experts can also help with AC system repair, cooling maintenance, and furnace replacement services!