7 Tips to Save Money & Keep Cool

Summer heat is in full swing on both sides of the Columbia River, and it no doubt has you sweating. But it isn’t just the near-triple-digit temperatures outside; it’s also the associated energy costs when it comes to keeping your Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA home cool and comfortable.

Staying comfortable in your home can come with a hefty price tag each month, especially if you are using an outdated or inefficient home cooling system. But in our experience serving the heating and cooling needs of the Pacific Northwest, Revival Energy Group has learned more than a few effective  measures you can take towards lowering your indoor temperatures and energy bills during these hot summer days.

Block Out the Sun with Curtains

The windows in your home allow beautiful natural sunlight in, but it brings the heat as well. Stopping the sun’s UV rays from entering your home with blackout curtains will keep the temperature inside from rising above what your air conditioner is able keep up with. Draw your curtains in the morning before you leave the house to prevent unnecessary temperature increases.

Block Out the Sun with Creative Shade

Perhaps some windows in your home receive more sunlight than others during certain parts of the day. With strategically placed landscaping like trees and taller bushes, you can shade the areas that are heating up your home the most. Or, you can install awnings over your windows when creative landscaping isn’t an option.

Use Your Appliances Carefully

Though baking cookies for the neighborhood pickleball tournament is a sweet gesture, you might want to save it for when the sun goes down. The oven, washer and dryer, and dishwasher all involve moving parts that contribute to the overall heat generated inside of your home during the day, so save your cooking, dishwashing, and laundry for the evening when it’s cooler.

Program Your Thermostat

Are you taking full advantage of your programmable thermostat? You can set your thermostat to keep your home cool only while you and your family are in it. So while you’re at work and out of the house or on vacation, set your thermostat to a higher temperature to reduce the strain on your air conditioning system and lower your energy bills (by up to 10%!)

Update Your Air Conditioning System

Has it been a while since you upgraded your AC system? Even a perfectly running, outdated air conditioner could be costing you much more over time than the cost of a new and updated system, as technological advancements over the last ten years have made air conditioners much more energy efficient.

Perhaps you’ve made additions to your home since you installed your air conditioner. Your cooling system may no longer be the right size for your home. An improperly sized AC unit is going to cost you money in unnecessary energy usage, but it is also at a higher risk of breaking down, requiring expensive repairs. It’s also possible that your ductwork has developed leaks and other inefficiencies, rendering your air conditioner much less effective. Professional duct sealing can get your AC unit back in shape.

Install a Ductless Heat Pump

Is there one specific room in your home that just won’t cool down no matter what you do? Maybe it’s a new addition or a bonus room over the garage. Turning down your thermostat probably isn’t going to cut it, and just like with an undersized air conditioner, this approach will cost you over time.

A ductless heat pump provides targeted cooling (and heating) in the room it is installed in and uses less energy than a central air conditioning system. These efficient units also eliminate the use of leaky ductwork, so there is no loss of energy when it comes to controlling the temperature of that hard-to-reach room. You can install a heat pump in a single room to supplement your current air conditioner, or install multiple units for a whole home solution.

Insulate and Air Seal

Even the most energy efficient air conditioners will gobble up electricity trying to cool down a home that isn’t properly insulated and air sealed. You could be losing money right through your roof and into your attic, or through the holes and gaps in your home. The most effective way to tell if your home is putting an unnecessary strain on your air conditioner is with a professional energy audit, which will locate any areas where your home is in need of improvement.

Stop Sweating Summer Cooling Costs With Revival

The experts at Revival Energy Group are proud to serve the cooling needs of homes in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. If you’re looking to spend less on your energy bills and stay more comfortable in your home, you can trust the air conditioning and home performance professionals at Revival. We can pair your home with an energy efficient central air conditioner or ductless mini split that will save you more on your energy bills in the long run.

Plus, with simple financing from Revival’s preferred partner, PSCCU, upgrading to an energy saving AC system is more affordable than ever. You can install a new central AC or mini split for as little as $38 a month, with 48-hour loan turnaround time!

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