How to Program a Wifi Thermostat for Actual Savings (and Our Top Pick)

Connectivity has been the name of the game since smartphones have found their way to an estimated 2 billion pockets, handbags and purses all over the world. And with all that computing power right at your fingertips, one of the most responsible ways to harness the power of smart technology has been with smart wifi thermostats. Though our go-to thermostat for Portland and Vancouver homes is the Honeywell Vision PRO 8000, we get a lot of customers that are curious about the best wifi thermostat to upgrade their home comfort control.

As the Pacific Northwest experts in home energy efficiency, Revival has extensive hand on experience with these new smart wifi thermostats. So as a new year begins, we have picked our top smart thermostat, along with some tips on how to best use it to conserve energy (and money) in 2019!

The Best Wifi Thermostat: The EcoBee Thermostat

We picked the EcoBee as our recommended wifi thermostat for one particular reason: reliability. There are plenty of wifi thermostats out there with pretty features like high-definition color screens, but those decorative features can’t save you any more on your energy bill or keep your furnace from an unexpected breakdown if you can’t depend on them to work day in and day out for years to come.

The EcoBee has been easy to install, and easy to use for many of our customers here in Portland and Vancouver, and we have found that the ease of use, voice activated features and unmatched reliability make it our go-to wifi thermostat. The simple interface makes quick work of understanding your new wifi thermostat, and the built-in Amazon Alexa capability makes controlling your home comfort easier than ever from the couch, or through your phone from anywhere in the world.

How To Use A Wifi Thermostat for Energy Savings

Though one of the big selling points of a wifi enabled thermostat is being able to change the temperature while you are at work or on vacation, that isn’t the most important feature when it comes to energy savings. The seven day programmable operation, zoning capability, and use with multiple types of HVAC appliances make a wifi thermostat the hub and the brain of your home comfort, as well as the related energy costs.

7-Day Programmable Options

Using the EcoBee app, you can program your wifi thermostat for optimal temperatures throughout the week. While you are at work during the weekdays, you can set the temperature to a more economic setting (depending on the season), and while you are home during the weekends you can maintain a comfortable temperature without having to make a single trip to the thermostat.

Program Seasonal Changes

You probably already have a good idea of when the winter will turn to spring here in Portland and Vancouver (usually around May), so you can use your wifi thermostat to set the dates when your heating system can go into “hibernation”. This ensures that you don’t use your home heating and cooling appliances any more than necessary.

Screen Lock Keeps The Kids Away

Tired of the kids changing the temperatures on you? Lock the screen of your wifi thermostat so they can’t get in. Of, you can check in on the temperatures while the kids are home and you are out of the house, using the app!

Multi-room Sensors

When you combine multiple room sensors with your EcoBee smart thermostat, you can more accurately diagnose how comfortable each area of your home is, and make the proper adjustments. This is especially effective for homes that make use of the home zoning that ductless heat pumps can provide!

Use Service Reminders

One of the biggest headaches and financial costs related to your furnace and air conditioner are when an appliance breaks down unexpectedly. Setting regular service reminders ensures you schedule regular maintenance with the experts at Revival Energy Group. It’s like a check engine light for your home!

The Benefits of a Wifi Thermostat, Installed By Revival

When you have complete control over your furnace, air conditioner, and any additional heating and cooling equipment, you can expect benefits like:

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs

  • Energy conscious home performance

  • Lowered risk of costly breakdowns and repairs

  • Increased indoor air quality

  • A more comfortable home all year long

Revival will install and connect your EcoBee wifi thermostat or Honeywell VisionPRO 8000 thermostat, and even teach you how to use it!

Don’t waste your time with less reliable smart thermostats. Call Revival Energy Group, the Pacific Northwest wifi thermostat experts at

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