Should I convert to Natural Gas or Electric? Heat Pump or Gas Furnace?

With natural gas readily available here in the Portland and Vancouver Metro Area we hear from lots of our friends and neighbors asking the question: “What energy source should I be using for my heating equipment?” Revival Energy Group is specially equipped to help you make the best decision for your home with pinpoint accuracy, using our computer modeling energy audit to properly size your comfort systems, and determine which fuel type will be best for your home. Here’s how it works.

Laser Calibrated Sizing & Energy Savings

sizing graph example

Using our state of the art computer modeling program we are able to measure your home while taking into account your home’s construction type. After we have an accurate computer model for your home, we are able to determine which upgrades will have the greatest impact on lowering your energy bills. This can include updates to your heating and cooling systems, water heaters and insulation just to name a few. We can even predict what your energy bills will look like after you’ve completed these upgrades, or switched to a new furnace that runs on electricity or natural gas!

heat pump vs gas graph comparison

Our state of the art computer modeling software can predict your energy bills after you’ve made the recommended home performance upgrades.

Individual Energy Savings Predictions

Our mission is to give you the most thorough assessment of your home, in order to provide realistic and reliable savings calculations. Many “Energy Audits” simply assume the maximum occupancy and daily usage for homes, making any savings calculations unreliable. Our program compares the measured energy usage to your actual energy bill, to better understand how the specifics of a home upgrade project or fuel conversion will affect your overall home performance.

gas vs electric comparison graphs

Here are some screenshots of a recent analysis on a home that was looking to switch from Oil to either a heat pump, ductless heat pump or natural gas high efficiency furnace.

Itemized Comfort Payback

Revival Energy Group also has the unique ability to analyze the size of your heating and cooling equipment to see if more insulation or a tighter air seal could create any substantial savings, or increased home comfort. This can greatly reduce the required heating load of your home, and we are able to show you the differences that any single improvement can have on your heating needs. It also means smaller heating and cooling units in a home that will be easier to keep comfortable all year round.

With properly sized heating and cooling equipment in your Portland or Vancouver home, you can expect a number of benefits all year round:

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs

  • Reliable indoor temperatures all year

  • Longer life expectancy of your heating and cooling equipment

  • Lower carbon footprint

Revival specializes in taking your outdated oil based heating and converting it to safer, more reliable and environmentally friendly fuels, like converting from oil to gas, or from oil to a heat pump.   

Better Home Performance, Through Better Science!

At Revival, we understand that increasing your home comfort while decreasing your energy usage can only be done through better building science. When you partner with Revival Energy Group, we will make sure you have all the information you need before converting your heating equipment. Perhaps, it is time to take convert your combustion furnace to an all electric furnace, or maybe all you need is the targeting heating and cooling of a ductless heat pump to keep that one hard to reach room as comfortable as the rest of your home. Whatever the case may be, you can trust the Revival Energy Group will help you to make the right decision for your home for lasting energy savings and reliable home comfort.

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