Mini Splits: Stay Comfortable During the Transitioning Weather

This can be a special time of year when it comes to weather. Cold overnight temperatures mean getting out of bed to a brisk morning and putting on a sweater, then ditching that sweater for a t-shirt as the sun reaches its peak during the day, and before you know it, you’re reaching for the blanket that night on the couch as it cools down all over again.

Here at Revival Energy Group, we’ve found that the most versatile and energy efficient solution for Portland and Vancouver homeowners is a ductless heat pump!

Winter & Spring, Summer & Fall—Ductless Heat Pumps Do It All

A ductless heat pump (or mini split) is a system that is easily installed by our experienced HVAC professionals. There is an outdoor unit and indoor unit(s), and the two are connected using refrigerant lines. A single zone heat pump works great for a single room, or you can combine multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit to serve your whole home with warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer.

When the seasons are in transition, a heat pump is particularly useful! You can set one comfortable temperature on your thermostat or heat pump remote, and your heat pump will efficiently maintain that temperature using heating and cooling; whatever is needed.

The Efficiency of Heat Pumps

How is it that ductless heat pumps can operate so efficiently? First of all, the lack of leaky ductwork puts ductless heat pumps miles ahead of a traditional HVAC setup. Ductwork develops leaks and holes easily, and those holes allow not only conditioned air to escape, but also dust, debris and allergens to enter the air you are breathing.

Secondly, heat pumps operate by transferring heat instead of creating it. Even in freezing temperatures, a heat pump can pull heat from the air and pump it into your home. During the warmer months (and transition months) a heat pump pulls the heat out of your living space and provides cool air to keep the temperature right where you want it.

Make Up Your Mind—Even When the Weather Won’t

Revival Energy Group proudly operates on the principle of complete customer satisfaction. Our only goal is to keep you comfortable at home, so that no matter what the Portland and Vancouver weather decides to do you can decide to stay comfortable.  So whether you’re looking to replace your current heating and cooling system, or just want to target heating and cooling in one room of your home, Revival Energy Group is here to help you accomplish your home performance and comfort goals!

Cool nights and hot afternoons—stay comfortable in your home no matter how indecisive the Pacific Northwest weather is! Revival Energy Group installs and services ductless heat pumps in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. Call us at

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