Are Your Furnace & Air Conditioner Sized Properly?

If you’re considering replacing your furnace or air conditioner, you’re probably wondering which brand is best or which model will offer the greatest energy efficiency. But have you given any thought as to which size unit will be the best for your home? Just like how every car needs a specifically sized engine, every home needs a specifically sized heating or AC unit for optimal home comfort and efficiency.

Why HVAC Equipment Size Matters

When your HVAC equipment is not properly sized, it cannot efficiently heat and cool your home. Oversized units short cycle, meaning they turn on and off rather than operating steadily to deliver heat to your home. Undersized units, meanwhile, constantly run without ever delivering true home comfort. Whether your HVAC equipment is oversized or undersized, it is bound to waste energy, break down prematurely, and cause your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket.

Size Considerations for HVAC Systems

You may be wondering, “What exactly determines which size furnace or air conditioner I need?” Ultimately, a number of factors come together to influence a home’s heating and cooling loads.


Every climate calls for unique heating and cooling needs. Here in the Northwest, for example, we live in a relatively mild climate. Homeowners in Portland, Vancouver, and Pullman enjoy temperatures in the upper 70s in the summer and temperatures that occasionally dip below freezing in the winter. When we size furnaces and AC units for homes in these areas, we make sure to take this into account.

Home size

The larger the home, of course, the more capacity its heating and AC units will need.

Use of indoor space

It isn’t just the size of the space that matters; it’s also important to consider how that space is used. If you have a large kitchen with lots of appliances and cooking going on, for example, you will need more cooling than you would if that same space were being used for unoccupied storage.

Home efficiency

Finally, there is the construction and overall efficiency of the home to consider. If a home is filled with air leaks and is not well insulated, its heating and cooling needs are going to be greater.

Precise HVAC Installation with Revival Energy

When you partner with the right installer to replace your heating or cooling equipment, you can breathe easy knowing that you’ll get a properly sized unit that keeps your home comfortable while lowering your energy bills. At Revival Energy, we make sure that every unit we install is sized correctly by completing a manual J load calculation before installation. We also install CONSUMER REPORTS top quality American Signature Standard HVAC equipment, which is known for its efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Don’t let improper HVAC sizing compromise your home’s comfort and efficiency. Contact us today to schedule an HVAC replacement consultation!