Air Quality in Ridgefield, WA

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Are you dealing with Ridgefield air quality issues? Your indoor air can become very dirty and unhealthy with dust, volatile organic compounds and humidity issues. Sources of these issues can range from air leaks in your home to contaminants brought in on your shoes and clothes. Improving the air quality in your home can reduce allergies, help you breathe better and prevent various health issues. Revival Heating & Cooling can help you improve the indoor air quality in your home, with solutions ranging from air purifiers to dehumidifiers, to deal with current health issues you’re having or to prevent future problems.

Expert Ridgefield WA Air Quality

person using paint on an air duct to seal itYou spend a lot of time in your home, so you want the air you breathe to be as clean and healthy as possible. Air quality services can help identify the problem areas in your home and offer solutions. Air leaks can be a major issue in homes. Air duct leaks in crawlspaces and attics can draw the dusty air from those spaces into your living areas. Finding and fixing air leaks throughout your home can seal up the issues to reduce the dust in the air.

Your home might also need increased ventilation. This helps draw in fresh air and get rid of stale, dirty air. Our HVAC technicians can install a variety of systems, including fresh air ventilation systems, heat recovery ventilation and energy recovery ventilation.

Professionally Installed Air Purifiers In Ridgefield Washington

Air purifiers can help remove dust and pollutants from your indoor air. High-grade filtration systems can remove even the smallest particles from the air so your family doesn’t breathe them in. Some options include high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration, charcoal filters and deep-pleated filters. These air purifiers can reduce allergens in your home to reduce issues your family members experience. They can also help keep your home cleaner with less dust collecting on surfaces.

High-Quality Dehumidifiers Near You

damaged wall and flooring from humidityDoes your home always feel sticky, moist and musty? You could have a humidity issue. Not only does that extra moisture make your home uncomfortable, but it can also cause health issues and impact the air quality. Mold and mildew spores can grow around your home and cause breathing issues and other physical symptoms. Humid air can cause bacteria and viruses to grow faster and hang around in the air, which can increase your chances of getting sick. Allergens, including dust mites and fungi, also multiply faster in areas with high humidity, so you could have increased allergy symptoms. Another air quality issue with high humidity is a higher concentration of the chemicals that off-gas from the materials in your home.

All these humidity issues can make your indoor air very unhealthy. Dehumidifiers offer an easy solution to help remove the extra moisture and keep your home at a comfortable, safe humidity level. We can also install ventilating dehumidifiers, which both remove moisture and bring in fresh, filtered air.

Why should you consider humidity control? Some benefits of dehumidifiers include:
  • Reducing mold and mildew growth
  • Eliminating musty odors
  • Helping remove allergens
  • Protecting furniture and finishes
  • Controlling pest issues
  • Making your home feel comfortable
  • Preventing condensation on windows

Professional IAQ Testing

IAQ testing is an important part of improving your indoor air quality. This type of air quality testing helps identify the problems you’re dealing with, which allows us to create a custom plan to improve the situation. We also offer the latest technology in IAQ testing to monitor your home’s air quality. Our options include Haven Tzoa, Awair and Airthings to help you monitor various components of indoor air quality. The data from these systems helps identify issues and determine corrective action.

Revival Heating & Cooling takes Ridgefield air quality seriously with a variety of high-quality options to help you breathe easily. Call today to schedule our services.