5 Benefits of an Oil to Gas Conversion

You’ve seen the beautiful colors on the trees along your I-5 commute, and as the temperatures fluctuate in another confusing change of the seasons, you may be looking for a refill on the oil you’ll use for your furnace for the year but, what if you could do away with the chore of calling the oil company, scheduling your service, and paying unpredictable prices for an oil product that is only a small percentage different than diesel fuel?

The premier Portland and Vancouver home heating experts at Revival Energy Group have seen many of our customers reap the benefits of converting their oil furnaces to natural gas. These are the top five benefits you can expect when you say “goodbye” to your outdated oil furnace.

1. No More Refilling!

Even with large oil tanks and automatic-refilling systems, most oil furnaces require refilling at least once over the winter. This leaves your home at risk of running out of fuel, and times of high oil demand could lead to delays in your oil delivery.

With natural gas, your home receives a direct line of fuel for your furnace that never requires any refilling.

2. Natural Gas Reduces Your CO₂ Emissions

When your furnace is fueled with natural gas instead of oil, you reduce your home’s CO₂ emissions by up to 27%.  Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is composed primarily of methane and burns cleaner than traditional oil.

3. Natural Gas Is Cheaper Than Oil

As both crude oil and natural gas prices settled around 2010, natural gas has been consistently cheaper and less price-volatile than crude oil. This means you can expect to pay consistent, lower prices each year when it comes to keeping your home cozy all winter.

4. You May Qualify for Cash Incentives

Trusting the experts at Revival Energy Group with your oil to gas conversion means you have an ally when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency. As a trusted trade partner with Energy Trust, Revival Energy will ensure you are paired with the rebates and incentives that will save you the most on your home efficiency upgrades.

5. Waste Less Fuel

Furnaces that run on natural gas waste much less fuel during operation, which means you are no longer paying for fuel that isn’t actually heating your home. The higher the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of your new furnace, the more efficient your furnace is.

Ditch Your Oil Tank And Call Revival!

If you know your neighborhood already has natural gas lines, and you are looking to bring your home heating into the 21st century, call the BPI certified professionals at Revival. From the removal of your oil furnace, to proper installation and compliance of your new energy efficient natural gas furnace, our home performance specialists will handle every detail of your oil to gas conversion (call your oil provider for recommendations on decommissioning existing oil tank).

Looking for other alternatives to fossil fuel heating? We offer a variety of HVAC conversion services, including expert ductless mini split installation!

Convenient, cleaner, cheaper—convert your outdated oil furnace to natural gas with Revival Energy Group! Call us at

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