Common Air Conditioning Problems to Watch Out For

Well-maintained air conditioning systems are crucial for energy efficiency and comfort during the scorching summer months. However, as these systems age, they may be prone to frequent aggravating and costly problems. As a result, you need to be aware of common air conditioning issues so you can take appropriate action before it’s too late. This helps prevent long-term damage and expensive AC repair and replacement services. The following are common air conditioning issues to watch out for.

Your Air Conditioning System Is Blowing Hot Air

It can be unsettling and frustrating when your air conditioner blows hot air during the summer. This is sometimes due to an issue with the thermostat. The thermostat may be set incorrectly, resulting in the AC unit continuously producing warm air. This problem could also result from dirty air filters. Clogged air filters restrict proper airflow in the AC unit, increasing the temperature of the air.

Another possible reason for an air conditioning unit blowing hot air is a low refrigerant level. The refrigerant is responsible for absorbing the heat in the air and ensuring cool air comes out of the AC vents. If the AC system has too little refrigerant, the air will not be adequately cooled. A skilled HVAC technician can quickly check the refrigerant level in the system, clean or replace the filters, and reset the thermostat if needed.

Weird Noises Coming From the AC

Your air conditioning unit may produce various noises based on the type of issue it is experiencing. The sounds may vary. A loose fan belt or blower wheel produces a rattling sound when it rotates. Malfunctioning electrical parts may create buzzing sounds. A clogged condensate drain may produce bubbling noises, while debris or other loose components blocking the fan can cause loud clicking sounds 

You might hear a hissing sound when the compressor has elevated gas pressure. This problem is typically caused by a faulty pressure switch or a defective compressor. If this goes unchecked, it will damage your AC system’s components. As a mitigation measure, you should have your air conditioning system checked and repaired by a qualified HVAC technician to prevent further damage.

Refrigerant Leaks

One of the most dangerous AC problems is a refrigerant leak. If a leak in your air conditioning unit is not promptly dealt with, it can cause damage to plants and foliage in the surrounding area and threaten the health of the people and pets in your home.

Refrigerant leaks are typically caused by normal wear and tear over time, with various parts of the AC unit becoming loose and brittle. Other causes include the degeneration of refrigerant lines or improper installation by an inexperienced technician. Homeowners can cause refrigerant leaks when they attempt to replace the refrigerant in their units by themselves. If the refrigerant level is too low, you should seek the services of a qualified HVAC professional to avoid further damage to your unit. Also, an HVAC technician is better suited to repair refrigerant leaks because they have the necessary skills, training, and equipment for the job.

Dirty Air Filters

The air filter traps dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants. You should change your filters regularly, usually about every three months. If filters aren’t changed, they become clogged, which affects the system’s efficiency. Over time, this lack of maintenance can lead to components like the compressor and condenser breaking down.

Routinely replacing or cleaning the air filters will help ensure your AC unit functions optimally. It will improve air quality, reduce undue strain on the equipment, and boost the life span of your AC system.

Water Leaks From Your Air Conditioning Unit

During sweltering days, you may see a puddle of water accumulating under your air conditioning unit. This is a common problem caused by broken seals or a blocked condensate drain. Algae and fungi may grow in the condensate drain, clogging it over time and causing water to overflow. Water leaks may also result from a faulty condensate pump. An HVAC technician can quickly and effectively remedy this AC issue by replacing the condensate pump, cleaning the drain line, and ensuring the seals are in good condition.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Turns On and Off Frequently

Various problems may cause your air conditioning unit to short cycle. Clogged air filters and a faulty fan are the two most common causes. Debris, such as leaves and dirt, can block airflow in the compressor and condenser and cause overheating. This consequently causes the AC unit to run for a short period and shut down repeatedly.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are responsible for cooling the air in the AC system. The buildup of dirt on the evaporator coils interferes with the normal cooling process. As a result, the refrigerant reaches extremely low temperatures, freezing the coils. This problem may cause the air conditioning unit to cycle on and off frequently. Scheduling regular maintenance services with a skilled HVAC technician can usually prevent these issues. 

Your Air Conditioning System Can’t Start

If your air conditioning system fails to start, it could be due to several problems. The most common reasons are low batteries in the thermostat, clogged filters, or a tripped circuit breaker. Your air conditioning system may also fail to start because of a faulty electrical component, such as a burnt wire. An overworked air conditioning system utilizes more power than usual to cool your home, causing the fuses and circuit boards to overheat. Resetting or replacing a blown fuse can remedy this issue, but it is best to seek assistance from an HVAC professional.

Bad Odors From Your AC Vents

You may sometimes notice a foul smell from your air conditioning system, such as rotten eggs, burning rubber, or musty odors. The smell of rotten eggs usually indicates that the refrigerant is leaking. A burnt electrical component, such as a burnt fuse or faulty wiring, may result in the smell of burning rubber. A musty odor is usually caused by dirty air filters or mildew and mold growth within the AC unit. A skilled HVAC technician can identify the root cause of the foul odor and remedy it promptly.

Your AC Unit’s Fan Isn’t Operating

The failure of your unit’s fan is usually caused by a faulty electrical component, such as a defective blower motor. The fan can also twist or bend in the unit, hindering it from turning freely. When the fan breaks down, cool air stays within the AC unit, which could result in the freezing of some of the components in your HVAC system. This also results in poor indoor air quality and insufficient circulation of clean, cool air.

Count on the Experts

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