AC SEER Ratings in Portland and Vancouver
What’s the Minimum AC SEER Rating to Qualify for a Tax Rebate?

Upgrading the air conditioner in your Portland, OR home is a great way to modernize your property, boost its value, and get more enjoyment from your living space right now.…...

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HVAC services
Get the Right Amount of Insulation for Your Home

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re used to chilly temperatures and lots of rain. When the temperatures drop and the wind blows, you expect your home to be warm and…...

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AC Maintenance in Vancouver, WA
Common Air Conditioning Problems to Watch Out For

Well-maintained air conditioning systems are crucial for energy efficiency and comfort during the scorching summer months. However, as these systems age, they may be prone to frequent aggravating and costly…...

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Window AC Unit in Portland, OR
5 Reasons to Upgrade From a Window AC Unit to a Central AC Unit

The window AC unit is a common home appliance many people use. But, it doesn’t have all the necessary features for your home. You need an AC unit that can…...

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AC Squeaking in Vancouver WA
What Causes Squeaking Noises From An Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units can squeak for different reasons. The reasons can vary from model to model. Some causes of squeaking include the amount of time the unit is used, the…...

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AC Replacement in Portland, OR
What to do when your AC unit freezes up?

Living in Portland, you are accustomed to things freezing during the winter. However, it might sound strange to think that during the hottest days of the year, something could freeze…...

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