Say Goodbye to Drafty Doors & Windows

We Offer Solid Solutions That Work For Every Season

It’s probably no big surprise to homeowners that unsealed doors and windows are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to energy loss. If your windows aren’t top-grade or they simply aren’t sealed properly, you’re going to experiencing air loss through them—and rack up those energy bills. This is where the energy experts at Revival can help. Our team of energy pros can boost your home’s efficiency by stopping drafty windows and doors in their tracks.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive home energy services that will prevent chilly drafts in the winter and stuffy pockets in the summer.

Here’s How We Do It

To keep your home draft-free, we offer weather stripping and window treatments, including new window installations, to keep your home working at its most efficient throughout every season.

  • Weather stripping
    Weather stripping is an extremely cost-effective way to ensure that barriers and frames are tightly sealed. Our energy audit will reveal where your doors and windows are leaking air—so we can adequately and permanently solve your home’s air loss issues.
  • Window replacements
    When it comes to improving energy efficiency, dual-pane replacement windows are extremely cost-effective and a very popular choice. They offer almost twice the benefit of single-pane glass. Triple-pane glass, which provides the maximum benefit, is also a wise choice. We offer all types.
  • Window treatments
    Although we don’t install window treatments, they can go a long way toward increasing your comfort while offering a savings of about two thirds over window replacements. Northwest residents can save an average of 5% simply by switching from single to double pane windows. Other options include shades, blinds and wood shutters.

Feel the Benefits for Years to Come

At Revival, it is our goal to revive your home’s comfort and overall efficiency. Using both window sealing and window treatments, you can easily lower your need for heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. We are professionals who truly want the best for your family’s comfort—and we guarantee that our solutions will change the way you live for the better. Call our office today (Vancouver, 360.836.5366 or Portland, OR, 503.893.8243) to schedule your home energy audit and get started with better home efficiency!