Where Should I Install My Mini Split?

You may already know about the energy-efficient and targeted heating and cooling of ductless heat pumps. A mini-split heat pump is one of the most effective solutions for supplementing your existing central air conditioning system. Multiple mini splits can be used as a year-round whole-home cooling and heating solution as well.

But with so many rooms in your Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA home, where is the best place to install your mini-split to ensure you get the most out of it? The HVAC professionals at Revival Energy Group will make sure that the following bases are covered before any new mini split heat pump install.

What Makes Up a Mini Split Heat Pump?

Mini Splits are comprised of three basic parts:

  • The indoor unit (or air handler)

  • The outdoor unit (or heat pump)

  • The refrigerant line that connects the two

The indoor unit of a mini-split is mounted on a wall in your home, then connected to the outdoor heat pump unit via an airtight refrigerant line, which is much more efficient than the ductwork in central air conditioning systems. This connection is made through a three-inch hole drilled from the interior to the exterior of your home.

How Are You Utilizing Your Mini Split?

Getting the most out of your mini-split starts with knowing what your heating and cooling goals are. Do you already have a central air conditioning system, and are looking to reach that one hot room your central AC just can’t seem to keep cool? Or maybe you are using it to condition a remote bedroom, your new she-shed, or a mother-in-law apartment? The targeted heating and cooling of mini splits means you should plan to install right in the room you need the conditioned air in.

Once you have decided on the room you would like your mini split installed in, it is time to decide which wall to mount it on. The primary requirement when choosing a mounting wall is that it must be an exterior wall (or outside facing). This is to ensure proper connection to your outdoor unit, which should be installed in a place that can accommodate for the following:

  • A shaded area close to the wall

  • A shrubbery and debris-free zone

  • 20 inches of clear space around the unit

After you have decided on a wall, choose your indoor unit placement carefully. Your installation technician will look for a central location on the wall so that it is accessible for maintenance purposes and there is at least a two-inch space between the ceiling and the top of the indoor unit.

Get Simple Financing for Your New Mini Split from Revival

If you are looking for the energy efficient, year round comfort that mini split heat pumps deliver, you need look no further than Revival Energy Group for your Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA home. Our HVAC installation and home performance professionals have reduced heating and cooling costs and increased home comfort for countless Pacific Northwest homeowners just like you.

We even offer convenient financing to make going ductless that much simpler! Install a new ductless heat pump for as little as $38 a month, with 48-hour loan turnaround time from our preferred lender, PSCCU.

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