Furnace Replacement in Hillsboro, OR

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Revival Heating & Cooling is the best local HVAC company to help you with your furnace installation in Hillsboro, OR. Even if your heating system still meets your family’s comfort needs, there will come a day when you need to consider a furnace replacement.

You may suddenly have to deal with poor heating performance, excessively high energy costs, or increasing repairs. In some cases, the system will stop functioning entirely, forcing you to make difficult indoor comfort decisions quickly. Let us help you find the ideal furnace for your home in Hillsboro.

Reliable Heating Installation in Hillsboro OR

man installing a new furnaceBefore you can choose a new furnace, you’ll first have to determine it’s time to replace your old one. You may want to prolong your older system’s usefulness for as long as possible, but this will only increase your costs and worsen your comfort. Outdated systems can’t compete with the improved energy efficiency ratings of new furnaces.

For example, your current heating system may only have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of about 80%. This rating determines how efficiently your system can convert energy, whether it uses electricity, gas, or oil, into heating. Modern models can have exceptional AFUE ratings of up to 98%.

As your furnace ages, it will continue to lose efficiency and effectiveness. Each heating cycle will require more energy, steadily increasing your utility costs over the years. You may notice your system becoming noisier or needing more frequent repairs.

Faulty systems are more prone to gas leaks, electrical issues, corrosion, rust, and indoor air quality issues. Once your furnace reaches 10 to 15 years old, you should start considering an HVAC replacement. Planning your professional furnace installation is safer and more cost-efficient than waiting for the day the system breaks down.

Replacing your old furnace with a newer model will give you access to these amazing benefits:
  • Longer HVAC lifespan
  • Renewed manufacturer’s warranty
  • Potential for smart system compatibility
  • Boosted property value
  • Lower carbon footprint

The most common types of residential furnaces use electricity, propane, natural gas, or oil. All of these fuel sources offer different benefits, and a furnace replacement gives you the chance to choose a better model for your family’s unique comfort concerns.

However, the least expensive option is usually to opt for a system that matches your current furnace’s type. For example, if you already have a gas furnace, choosing a modern gas-based option will save you from having to install an oil tank or extensive amounts of new wiring.

Along with considering the AFUE rating of your new heater, you should look for features that suit your household. For more flexible heating, consider a furnace with a variable-speed blower. These systems offer better airflow control, allowing your heater to adjust its output and energy consumption depending on your temperature demands.

Replacing your furnace is also a good time for a professional to determine if your old system was the best size for your home. If you recently added rooms or had frequent airflow problems, the system may have been too big or small. A professional can calculate the ideal furnace size by considering your square footage, insulation quality, number of windows, and more.

Your Furnace Replacement Specialists Near You

Revival Heating & Cooling wants to make sure your family’s comfortable all year long. We’re a top-tier heating company with over 20 years of experience. Count on us to custom-tailor our services to match your budget and energy usage preferences.

We’ll guarantee your total home comfort by providing free estimates and comfort assessments. Once we inspect your heating unit, we will can determine if you need a new unit or just furnace repairs. Either way, we recommend you consider a heating maintenance solution. We also offer helpful financing on approved credit for our heaitng and air condition installations as well as great coupons and rebates.

Call Revival Heating & Cooling today to start the furnace installation process in Hillsboro.