Find Out Why Your Neighbors are Converting from Oil to Gas

When the temperatures start to drop, many homeowners begin to panic.

Do I have enough oil? How much does it cost right now?

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about those things? Your neighbors in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area have gotten the memo and are making a change that will help them leave those worries behind.

Oil to Gas Conversion

Although oil prices aren’t as high as they once were, since this fossil fuel is limited, the costs will only continue to rise over time. By converting to gas, you’ll be one step closer towards future-proofing your home.

What are the Benefits of Converting from Oil to Gas?

Ease your worries about heating your home with these additional benefits of gas conversion:


The price of gas is more stable and consistently much lower than that of oil. When you use gas to heat your home, you’ll spend much less money on staying warm during the colder months.

Reliability & Convenience

With oil, you have to schedule deliveries and keep an eye on your tank constantly. With gas, you’ll be connected to the neighborhood gas pipeline and won’t ever need to worry about running out.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Gas is a byproduct of oil production, so it contains fewer impurities and has a cleaner burn — reducing polluting emissions by 27%. By using gas instead of oil, you’ll be helping to protect the environment.

Get a Conversion Cost Saving Analysis from Revival

Making the switch from oil to gas really is a no-brainer, but at Revival Energy Group, we understand that you might still have questions about your unique home and its systems. With a conversion cost saving analysis, we will be able to show you the savings you’ll experience and how quickly any initial costs will be paid back. With our advanced software and expert analysis, you can be sure about the decision you make. In addition to helping homeowners in the Vancouver and Portland region switch to gas, we can also help those interested in switching to an all-electric home with ductless heat pumps.

If you really want to experience the greatest savings, as well as improved comfort and indoor air quality, we can help with a home energy audit. This will help to inform you about what improvements your home could benefit from for boosted energy efficiency, comfort, and health.

Staying comfortable shouldn’t cost a fortune or be a hassle. Learn more about switching from oil by contacting us today!