Furnaces: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

furnaces: bigger isn't always better

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Size matters when it comes to your home heating equipment, and if your furnace is improperly sized it could be leaving certain rooms in your home out in the cold.

Is Your Furnace:

Constantly running?

Only on for short bursts?

An undersized furnace will run constantly, never fully reaching the desired temperature. This adds unnecessary wear and tear to your system, and will cost a fortune over the course of the colder months. Oversized furnaces will provide a burst of heat quickly, but will not evenly provide heat to every room in your home. And the constant on/off operation will plummet the efficiency of your system, wasting energy.

How To Properly Size a Furnace

Revival Energy Group uses the “whole home” process of determining your home heating needs. This involves taking many factors into account when sizing your furnace, including:

  • Square Footage
  • Window Efficiency
  • Home air loss/gain
  • Insulation
  • Design

Other Important Furnace Factors


This overall efficiency rating is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of a given appliance. It tells you what percentage of the fuel used in a year is actually turned into heat—you should look for above 90% to get the most out of your furnace.


British Thermal Units indicate how much heat a furnace will produce, and its ability to warm up a living space.

Working with a local expert on sizing your furnace ensures your home is prepared for the challenges of the Pacific Northwest weather, so you can spend less on heating costs and stay more comfortable in your home. Having furnace problems in Portland or furnace issues in Vancouver? Call Revival Energy Group!